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Origin A2 Guernsey milk harkens back to the way milk was before human intervention. We’re bringing back milk in its original form – original taste, nutrition and genetics – just as nature intended. Naturally occurring 5% vitamin-rich milk fat (the good fat) provides a rich taste and creamy flavor. Our Guernseys’ grass pasture diet means that your milk is more nutritious, as evidenced by its famed & unique golden hue. Unlike most other milk, Origin Milk only contains the original A2 milk protein found in most cows thousands of years ago yet very rare today, giving you a closer experience to what milk is supposed to be.

The Origin Milk Company has one singular focus: to bring back the original milk – milk as it was when cows were first domesticated – and to do so locally in each market that we serve.

We named our company Origin because that is precisely what it is – milk in its original form – original taste, original nutrition and original genetics. It is also what the organic/local food movement is all about: the origin of our food and people asking the question “where did this come from?”. In our case, Origin milk comes exclusively from the original heritage breed of cows – the Guernsey.

What makes the Guernsey breed unique is that our cows process milk as all cows used to prior to the modifications that were ushered in by industrialized dairy farming practices. Guernseys produce less milk but a more concentrated and nutritious milk – a higher quality milk. Our milk contains 33% more vitamin D, 25% more vitamin A, 15% more calcium, 12% more protein, 300% more omega-3, and is approximately 5% milk fat…all this is naturally inherent to the milk produced by this heritage breed. All of these factors not only give you a very nutritious milk, but also a great, rich and creamy flavor.

There is also interesting science behind the genetics of Origin a2 Guernsey Milk. a2 milk harkens back to the way milk was before natural & human intervention caused cows to develop a1 proteins in their milk.All other mammals produce a2 milk, including humans, which means a2 milk offers a closer experience to drinking the milk that humans are supposed to have. The difference between the milk protein in a1 and a2 milk is only one amino acid – but this little difference impacts how our bodies digest the milk. Research shows that a large number of people who think they are lactose intolerant are actually a1 intolerant and can thus drink a2 milk and not experience adverse health issues.

We’ve developed an entire offering of products made from a2 milk including whole milk, 2% milk, chocolate milk heavy cream, half-and-half, artisan butter, and yogurt. All the milk is non-homogenized, low-heat vat pasteurized, with cream on top, and the cows are free-grazing and grass pastured. Our farmers do not use growth hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed.

Origin milk the best organic milk for kids and adults


Our customers are people who invest in products that they believe in. They love their families, value their health and are interested in knowing the “why” and “who” behind their purchases. They are fans of many other local brands who share similar values and present that information in a transparent, yet creative way. They’re dads who run their own artisan food businesses, and moms who are excited about contributing to the vibrancy of Cleveland’s burgeoning small, independent business scene. They’re chefs, artisans, and just real people who value real food and share our beyond organic principles of local sourcing, less is not just more, but less is everything and minimal processing ideals/mentality.

They’re not just looking for the organic certification but others who share a heritage of doing things right. They’re people who prioritize giving their family the best options that they can. Sometimes they see our product on the shelf and decide to write a review for their personal blog. Some of our customers use Origin Milk in their small-batch businesses, extending our reach because we put in the work to bring this product to the market. One thing’s for sure: once they fall in love, they become our brand advocates, sharing their find, and our mission, with the world.


The market is saturated with large batch products claiming to be “all natural”, “organic”, etc.  At Origin we can take pride in knowing we are delivering a superior product that is in fact all it claims to be, and our customers can feel even better knowing that the milk they’re buying is locally sourced by farmers with whom we’ve taken the time to build relationships. And while large batch options are readily available and less expensive, people are looking for truly natural alternatives they can trust. It will feel better to them, as it does for us, to know their milk came directly from farm to store.


We are dedicated to providing you the best milk possible. Our milk is sourced from select family farms whose special, small breed of Guernsey cows naturally produce 100% A2 milk. The cows are free grazing and grass pastured. Our farmers never use antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or chemical fertilizers—ever. This commitment is due to the heritage of generations of farming wisdom unalterated by industrialzed farming practices.