Check out today’s Live on Lakeside segment featuring Origin A2 Guernsey Milk products. Origin products, including its new butter, are available at Heinen’s, Mustard Seed Market, Market District, Buehler’s and several other local grocers.
Liquid nitrogen ice cream…have you heard of it or tried it yet this summer? If not, you need to! Owner of Piccadilly Artisan Creamery and The Origin Milk Company, Adrian Bota has joined to the show with the coolest ice cream experience yet!

Adrian Bota was invited to “In the kitchen” show to make a demonstration about how is makeing his delicious ice cream through liquid nitrogen and guernsey milk. Because of the low temperature of liquid nitrogen, in contact with milk and other organic ingredients, the ice cream is made very quickly, directly to the client. As a mention, the ice cream is made only by a2 milk produced in his own Guernsey cows farm.
Adrian Bota – owned companies are in constant growth and development, this thing happens because of the high quality of his products.