chocolate milk

The blogger was invited to learn about manufacturing process of our ice cream made with Origin guernsey milk and she was surprised by so much colors and smells.
The ice cream (and yogurt) is made before your eyes starting with fresh, liquid ingredients and blended together until it’s time to add the liquid nitrogen.
Micro-batch, liquid nitrogen froze ice cream using the highest quality milk and cream and fresh, organic ingredients.

She tried several flavors, finally her favorites were The Shelby (is Ghirardelli mocha ice cream with caramel drizzle and whipped cream), the strawberry balsamic and The Molly (vegan chocolate yogurt with chocolate chips and raspberries) and her son’s favorite flavor is mint with chocolate.
This is such a unique experience for Cleveland and Ohio. The milk and cream come from a Guernsey dairy farm in Amish country fifty miles south of Cleveland.
Piccadilly takes the liquid nitrogen and pours it in with the liquid flavors to freeze them. The ice cream forms so quickly that ice crystals can’t and the result is a fresh, rich, creamy dessert.”The owners of Picadilly wanted to ensure that they were using the best for their ice cream and yogurt so they started Origin Milk “, blogger said.
Origin Milk is A2 Guernsey cow milk. 95% of the milk produced worldwide is A1 which is the result of genetic mutations, natural and man-made, in milk producing cows. A2 milk is how milk should be and has more natural protein and vitamins than any other breed. Origin’s A2 milk has a higher healthy fat content and 3x the amount of omega-3. Along with goat’s milk, A2 milk is the closest to mother’s milk.

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