In the Why cle? blog, Origin Milk is described like the local company developed by the same people who started Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt. The idea to produce milk started from customers who asked about the milk used in yogurt products and their desire for a similar product they could take home to drink.
All the milk for Origin Milk is locally-sourced from farms that have a special, small breed of

Guernsey cows. These cows naturally produce A2 milk, which has only the A2 beta-casein protein and has a distinctive golden color and rich taste, higher in calcium, protein, and vitamins than other types of milk. First, the milk used for yogurt base made was from A2 Guernsey milk produced by Amish-owned Paint Valley Farms in Holmes County. Then Bota decided to buy these Guernsey’s cows from Edward Keim’s farm and now their products are sold under the new Cleveland label.

Owner Bota and his wife, Lauren, prefer less-processed food, often buying fresh goat milk for themselves and their children. Because A2 brand is pasteurized at a higher temperature, it lasts 8 weeks. Origin lasts a little over two weeks, the owner arguing that his milk is fresher, and non-homogenized.
The autor said he had a chance to try the whole milk and the chocolate milk recently and his boys were delighted with the chocolate milk. He reveals that when he was asked to review Origin Milk, he received complimentary half-gallons of whole milk and chocolate milk, as well as a gift card to Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt and these little gifts were very well received specially by the children. Origin Milk also makes 2% milk, goat milk, half-and-half, heavy cream, and butter.

Citizens from Cleveland can find Origin Milk at Heinen’s, Market District, Constantino’s and Whole Foods.

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