A2 Ghee

    When you enjoy ghee – it should be from small local family farms with cows grazing on live pastures rooted in rich soil. It should be small batch processed with the highest quality butter to deliver a golden ghee with delicious flavor and beneficial nutrients. It should be better for you, better for cows & better for our world. It should be ORIGIN.

    Our A2 Guernsey Ghee is handcrafted in Lancaster County, PA from our grass pastured 100% A2 sweet cream butter. We believe that small batch production with the best butter possible is the only recipe to superior ghee. Our A2 Ghee is a powerhouse in nutrition featuring plentiful amounts of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. With a high smoke point (485F) – ghee is the perfect alternative to any and all cooking oils. Our ghee has a sweet, rich and nutty taste that will serve as the perfect compliment to anything coming out of your kitchen!

    Join us for our early December launch of ORIGIN A2 Ghee! With your pre-order, you are securing your ghee shipping on our first shipment date in early December.

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    16 oz available