A better milk? Local cows key to Origin Milk Co.

A Cleveland-based ORIGIN Milk is relying on Guernsey cows from dairy farms in Holmes County to produce milk being sold in Northeast Ohio grocery stores, including local Fishers Foods and Acme stores. The milk contains only A2 proteins, which is different from most milk found sold in stores.

Milk market conditions were poor, and Yoder realized he had a chance at earning more income if he started raising Guernseys.

Bota was starting ORIGIN Milk Co. As a co-owner of the Piccadilly Artisan Creamery and Artisan Yogurt shops in Cleveland, Bota researched ways to source local milk for ice cream and yogurt. That is how he learned about milk proteins and Guernsey cows.

I’m passionate about what my family eats and drinks,” he said.

ORIGIN Milk is processed in Paint Valley as whole milk, 2 percent and skim, as well as chocolate. The company also has sold heavy cream, half-and-half and cheese. The milk is non-homogenized and low-heat pasteurized.

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