Origin Milk Expands into the Colorado Market

Just in time for Thanksgiving, ORIGIN Milk , the first 100% A2, all local dairy company in the U.S., expands into Colorado, debuting new holiday products, eggnog and Brie, exclusively at Whole Foods Markets. ORIGIN’s ghee is already available via its e-commerce store and a lineup of A2 cheeses, (original jack, chile jack, soft ripened Brie and soft ripened Camembert) is slated to hit stores on December 1.

“Eggnog and Brie are traditional holiday staples, and we’ve made them creamier and richer tasting, as well as healthier for people and healthier for the planet, while not sacrificing any of the comforting elements people know and love,” says Adrian Bota, ORIGIN founder. “Additionally, 60-80% of people with lactose intolerance symptoms and/or dairy allergies can enjoy A2 products, making these products more accessible to people with a variety of dietary restrictions.”

ORIGIN works with small family run farms with Guernsey cows that naturally produce 100% A2 milk which is never genetically modified for large scale production. Since Guernseys typically yield smaller quantities of milk, it results in a more concentrated, nutritious dairy with a higher fat content compared to conventional milk (>5%). Most recently, ORIGIN partnered with Colorado Cow in Kersey, Colo. integrating all Whole Foods Markets and Natural Grocers within the state. .

“Our research has shown that buyers are reaching for traditional comfort foods, especially dairy, while still wanting to select brands who promote wellness and make a positive impact in the world,” says Bota. “Holiday shoppers can feel good that their purchase of ORIGIN supports fair payments to farmers, good working conditions and sound animal welfare practices.”

ORIGIN’s product line includes whole milk, 2% milk, skim milk, chocolate milk, heavy cream, cheeses and ghee with cultured butter and yogurt to come in 2021. ORIGIN entering the Colorado market is its first expansion West of the Mississippi and will have shelf space in all Whole Foods within the Rocky Mountain Region (Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Utah and El Paso, Texas) by early 2021.

A complete list of stores and locations where ORIGIN is currently sold can be found here.

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